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Zat, was doctor-assisted homicide!
Well folks, after much consideration, the time has come to put TF2XC into archival mode. With the stagnation of TF2 on the Xbox, and without any support from Valve, the community has struggled to remain relevant. Many of our players have moved on to other, newer games, and some even continue play TF2 on the PC. Though officially recognizing the declines of the community and the game's player-base is disheartening, these have happened regardless.

The forums will remain operational for any who wish to make use of them. News posts from the main page will remain archived below. The rest of the site will remain disabled.

Also, because the Microsoft-sponsored Community Playdate splash pages took such an unreasonably long time to make, feel free to reminisce by marveling at them again here and here.
If you wish to sign the community's petition to Valve out of solidarity, you can do so here.

Thank you, everyone, for your support over the years, and good luck in all your future gaming endeavors!