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Title Author Date
Much obliged, pardner. Elestian 02.26.2011
Danke, Comerade! Elestian 06.06.2010
Don't fret, boy'o! Elestian 05.22.2010
You Are All Bleeders Phaethon42 03.08.2010
Look Buddy, I'm an Engineer Phaethon42 10.02.2009
Need a Dispenser Over Here! Phaethon42 09.26.2009
Riddle me This... Elestian 01.31.2009
Who Touched My Gun!? Phaethon42 11.01.2008
A Bit of KCl... Elestian 10.11.2008
A Bit Secretive... Elestian 10.07.2008
Ka-BOOM! Elestian 08.17.2008