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A Bit Secretive...

Well, I've had the pleasure of playing with many of you for around two months now. Of all the games we've played I can hardly remember any that we lost, let alone gotten totally shut-out. But all laughs and giggles (and spawn camping) set aside, I'd say we've done a pretty good job of nurturing our skills and becoming more well-rounded players. However, to help further facilitate this process, Phaethon and I would like to set aside Saturdays and, more importantly, Saturday nights as an unofficial time for playing. Since school, life, and Guitar Hero all seem to be getting in the way of our continued progression as a community, this is a necessary step to help ensure that we remain fairly tight-knitted and continue to develop.

So to give some of our weary-eyed members a little insentive to join us, there will most definately be rapage, a little friendly, inter-community competition, and a new, super-secret-special community-based awards system currently in development. At this point, details will remain about as dry as a particular place of a particular family member of Phaethon, but I can only hope that we'll have a good turn-out and everyone will have a good time. This system will be coupled with some community activity to maximize effective results, so be sure to check in often for the latest goodies.

Hope to see you then!