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A Bit of KCl...

Tonight, at approximately 9:00pm EST, the TF2XC will have its first community practice session. We're hoping to make this a weekly event to keep ourselves up-to-par with not only the common player but also those more skilled, like ourselves. The events will be kicked-off with the usual Player matches and then followed by two main types of matches. The first of these is a basic, team versus team match held across three maps (Gravel Pit, Granary, and Dustbowl) for the appropriate number of rounds. The teams for the games this week will be selected based on attendance and skill in order to make sure players are evenly distributed. However, future matches may be selected at random, but we'll get to that when the time comes.

The third event of the night will be our first official community Melee Competition, held mostly just out of the sheer enjoyment we all share for punching another player in the face. The matches for this will be set up in a bracket-style structure. Each match will consist of three rounds between two players, who will agree upon three, predetermined classes with which they wish to compete. Any player who chooses a class other than this chosen class will be disqualified, but likely have the fun of killing the actual winner. If a player happens to accidentally blow themself up, fall to their death, or meet any other such unfortunate end before being killed by the opponent's melee will forfit the round's win to their matched nemesis.

All of these exciting new events also lead me to unveil a new aspect of the community interaction here at TF2XC. If any of our members have recently checked their profile pages, they may have noticed a set of shiney and new, community-based achievements. These are meant to help promote attendance to these community sessions and member activity, but certainly we don't need much more reason to enjoy the pleasure of each other's company, now do we?
These achievements will be expanded to incorporate any new events and community activities, so it's sure to keep the fun coming our way.

See everyone tonight!