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Riddle me This...

What do Guitar Hero, Gears of War 2, Fable II, and Fear all have in common? They're all incredibly time-consuming! So what can we, as a community, do to help tear Phaethon away from his horrible addiction?

Well, seeing as how the mass genocide of a single, particular race in order to force him off the game is out of the question, we'll have to resort to Plan B. Although we have continued pillaging on a fairly regular basis, starting tonight at approximately 9pm EST we shall re-institute our Community Practice Sessions, full-force.
But what's this? "How can we possibly increase turn-out and allow ourselves even more fun," you ask? Well I'm glad you've inquired! Starting at 9:00, we'll be throwing a huge... PARTY!

It's true! There will be party hats, balloons, and, best of all, I've even baked a cake for you! The picture above is certainly fool-proof evidence of the currently underway party preparations.
So make the correct party escort submission decision and join us tonight for a time filled with sticky-whores, crit-rockets, and CAKE!

In other news, the Multimedia section has been made available to public eye. While it's still (horrifyingly) small, there are still a few documents and videos that will be posted shortly. In due time, there will also be an offer extended to members to write material to add to our library.