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Need a Dispenser Over Here!

After nearly eight months, we have finally posted an update for the site! But look at it this way, this site still gets updated more often than TF2 for the 360 does. All opening humor aside, many relevant and important things have happened over the last eight months, and I intend to inform anyone who reads this about them. First we will start with updates to this website.
  • We have added a login system for members and officers of the community that allows them to edit their own profile information on the roster section of the website. Along with this, we reworked the backend of the profile pages to be more efficient and dynamic.
  • We added an archives section to the main page of the site for old posts to be stored for posterity. You can visit the archives by clicking the link on the bottom right of the main page.
  • We have reworked much of the PHP and template pages that power the site for added security and faster loading times. We also have continued to work on cross-brower compatibility for the site, and while we have made great strides in this area, I would still like to emphasize that this site is designed for view in the FireFox web browser and looks the best in this browser. I have added a link in the footer of the site to remind everyone of this.
  • We reorganized the roster page and now just have two member groups, "Officers" and "Members."
  • There have been some updates on the forums, and you can read about those there.

Now I would like to take a moment to overview some new procedures we have for submitting Multimedia articles and becoming a member or officer of TF2XC.

To submit a multimedia article, simply write your article about anything that you want (TF2 related, obviously) and submit it to either Elestian or myself, and we will read through it and if it is at par we will promptly put it up on the Multimedia page of the website.

Concerning becoming a member or officer of TF2XC, all that you need to do is send a private message to either Elestian or myself on the forums and briefly explain a little bit about yourself and what you have to contribute to the community. If you are accepted, we will send you login details for your own TF2XC profile page and change your usergroup on the forums accordingly.

Another item worth mentioning is the fact that Valve actually released an update for TF2 on the Xbox 360! Now we can ignore the fact that this update did almost nothing at all, and be happy that they at least haven't completely forgotten that there is a 360 version of the game. The update did the following:
  • Allow the host to disable or enable random critical hits
  • Allow the host to disable or enable damage spread
  • Allow the host to limit the number of players that may play a certain class on each team
  • Disabled the flagrant "modding" that numerous players were doing that involved accessing PC commands for TF2 and other Orange Box games
Right now, and in the coming months there is a plethora of new and mainstream games coming out, and as such it may be difficult to find time to play much TF2. But you best find time dammit. And by all means, don't feel obligated to play 2Fort exclusively, there are so many other maps (5 to be exact)!

I would like to urge anyone who is capable to write an article for the Multimedia section of the site as it is good to have lots of useful, original content on a website and it will ultimately bring us more members, and help to educate our current members! With that, I will end this post. Hope to see you all on Live! Look out for more posts here soon, we will start posting more frequently.

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