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Look Buddy, I'm an Engineer

Another update already? But hell hasn't frozen over yet, how could this be!?!? Just a few bits of information worth posting here about to keep our membership up to date with the comings and goings around here.

We've updated the Multimedia section of the website again and added a videos section. We've also created a video template page and reworking some obsolete code that was present on the site. If anyone has ANYTHING to contribute to the Multimedia section, please do so!

We have also installed an arcade on the forums. You can now play various flash games, and save your highscores. You can also create tournaments and challenge your friends. Hopefully this will get people on the forums more and get that area of the site more active. Also as I mentioned before, I have placed a small Google Adsense ad unit in the footer of the forum. To host this site, a small fee has to be paid every month. This ad unit helps to pay for that fee. If it isn't too much trouble, just click on it once (and only once or it won't count!) each time you visit. Thanks!

One last thing that I would like to point out is that this site is the product of the combined efforts of Elestian and myself. There is no CMS used on this site, and as such our design is NOT a distributable template or theme. Please do not email or contact us regarding this particular issue. A lot of work has gone into it, and we hope that everyone enjoys it and thinks that it looks good and functions well. If anyone has any feedback concerning how we should update or improve any areas of the site, PLEASE tell us either via private message or a thread in the Suggestions and Feedback forum.

That's all for now! See everyone on Live.

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