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You Are All Bleeders

Recently I have updated several parts of the website. Most of the updates have been backend and as such the end users (you guys!) probably haven't noticed much. All of these updates are detailed in a text document located here (← Click it!). If anyone has any more suggestions for the website ranging from design updates to entirely new content, feel free to post about it at any time in the Suggestions & Feedback forum. Unfortunately Valve is not quite as attentive to their game as I am to this site, but I digress.

I would like to take this opportunity to keep our membership informed of our status as a community going forward. Clearly the player base for TF2 on the 360 is declining, and by extension some of our members have lost touch with the game. If you have been on the forums recently (or talked to any of us for that matter) you probably know that we have been considering getting involved in competitive style TF2 on the Xbox 360. There is some interest in this, but we may not end up having the requisite 8 members to compete. Furthermore I would like to give a shameless plug for another website for Team Fortress 2 Xbox 360 players. This site is dedicated to competitive TF2 and some of its members are the ones who got us interested in competitive play. The site is TF2 Ladder.

Again I would like to encourage anyone remotely interested to write an article for the Multimedia section of the website. Insofar the only articles there have been submitted by Elestian or myself. If you want to write anything just send an PM on the forums to Phaethon42 (me). Thanks for reading. As usual, I look forward to seeing everyone on LIVE!

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