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Don't fret, boy'o!

As mentioned on the new Community Playdate update page (what handsome, achievement-clad devil could have made that gorgeous work of art?), the TF2XC will be hosting the official, upcoming Xbox Community Playdate on June 2, starting at 8 P.M. ET. We hope to see many fresh faces, and hopefully some old ones as well. We would also like to extend an offer to players to join us not only during this main event, but also for some well-deserved play-time during the entire week of May 30.

The community playdate is an amicable social gathering of sorts – a means of reigniting some waning interest in Team Fortress 2, and even bringing in new players. It is not competitive, non-committal, 70% bloody good time, 17% soup can-filling, and 30% sticky-whores. If you’re as good at math as we are, you know already that it will more than you ever wanted! So please, join TF2XC for a night/week of memories and 3x Bottle damage.

Recently, Phaethon and (mostly) myself have been working behind the scenes here at our dandy website, tweaking layouts, modifying content, and updating header images with awesome graphical goodness. While many of these changes you will likely not notice, they will make future updates much smoother and easier to handle and will improve the overall quality of the website. For a not-so-complete understanding of these changes, look up at the new logo image, marvel, and then click here.

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