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Membership to the Team Fortress 2 Xbox Community is almost unconditional and completely free! However, TF2XC as a whole cannot be held accountable for the activities and/or conduct of any single member, either online or in real life.

There are no participation or playing requirements!

Members must only be amicable and enjoy their helping of TF2.

By joining the community you will:
have the opportunity to play with some of the best Xbox 360 TF2 players.
gain access to weekly, community practice sessions.
enjoy friendly competitions, awards, and achievements.
get your own customizable profile page right here on the site.
get laid! (Phaethon not included)

Members of TF2XC are expected to understand and adhere to the following guidelines and regulations:

Conduct yourself with some degree of sensitivity and decency and do not do anything that would risk compromising the integrity of the community.

Any member who consistantly displays belligerent or ill-natured behavior towards another member may be recommended for the ban-hammer by an Officer or another Member. However, this is ultimately a decision made at the discretion of either Phaethon or Elestian.

Threats made against another person that he/she feels are legitimate or make the individual feel insecure are taken very seriously.