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This petition is meant to voice the Xbox 360 community's support of Valve and to urge them to release patches and/or updates for the Xbox 360 version of Team Fortress 2.

Why create a petition?

A petition was not our first choice of expression.

We originally tried shouting as loudly as we could on internet discussion boards and in angry emails sent to Valve, cleverly disguised with poor grammar, syntax, and without any sense of coherence. Unfortunately, we soon realized that yelling at our monitors does not actually translate into computer text. We tried to solve this by composing our messages in all caps, but then our pleading looked like everything else on the internet.

Our second effort was to create countless and trivial forum polls on numerous websites under various, well-established pseudonyms, asking mundane yes-or-no questions like "do u think should get the new maps??" or "do you want updates for xbox?" However, we were too transparent, and Valve quickly caught onto our plot, since no one in their right mind would actually select "no."

Finally, after much deliberation, we have decided that a petition best suits our interests. We here at TF2XC recognize that the right to petition the government (a.k.a. "the Man") is guaranteed by the First Amendment and that petitions have a rich history of accomplishing virtually nothing. So, naturally we thought to ourselves, "What better way is there to have our grievances redressed?"

What is the goal of this petition?

Behind all the "team fortress 2 update coming to xbox when??" topics that pop up occasionally on the Steam Community's console sub-forums and that clog other fringes of the internet is an issue that's really more fundamental than an absence of updates for the console versions of Team Fortress 2. There exists a gap in the communication between Valve and its console-based market.

PC and Mac users are unified by more than the Steam platform and community. The TF2 Official Blog has stood as a recognized and undisputed source of TF2-related news, and it has been used primarily to nurture Valve's relationship with these PC and Mac users.

Although the TF2 Official Blog has also served to address the Xbox 360 community, there remain many questions about the status of previously mentioned updates for the Xbox 360 version of Team Fortress 2.

It is the first and foremost goal of this petition to request that Valve work together with TF2's Xbox community, as a whole, to get started a running dialogue about Valve's future plans and where (if at all) the community fits into them.

However, many of us remain hopeful for more.

Team Fortress 2 on the Xbox 360 is troubled by bugs and exploits that often tip the balanced, user-end experience that Valve worked to create. Many (if not most or all) of these issues have already been identified and effectively patched on the PC and Mac versions of Team Fortress 2.

It is to the advantage of both players and Valve, alike, to have these fixes ported to the Xbox 360 such that the stable and enjoyable gameplay of Team Fortress 2 and Valve's reputation for delivering high-quality content are maintained.

We understand that updates are tedious, and we appreciate not only the effort required to create and incorporate content during the development and maintenance cycles, but also the effort required to fit this content within a console's hardware limitations and to pass it through Quality Assurance each time, only thereafter to deal with Microsoft's own restrictive distribution platform and corporate needs.

Moreover, we want to make this process worthwhile for Valve as a company with its own corporate interests to protect, but this is a desire to which it is difficult to give voice when a dialogue between Valve and the community is not present and we do not understand why.

It is our hope that this petition will underscore the Xbox 360 community's continued support of Valve and draw attention to the community's concerns to the benefit of both parties.

So how can you help?

As Sarah Palin once said, "we've got to stand with our North Korean allies."

We can learn a lot from this; a little bit of solidarity can go a long way. You can support our cause by using the form below to sign the petition if you have not already. You can also follow the link at the bottom of the page to view the signature list and to sit in awe of the power of organized complaining.

Furthermore, be sure to let your fellow TF2 players, friends, family, distant relatives, and Heads of State know about our cause, and get them to sign as well (that is, only if they enjoy their helping of TF2-induced awesome).

We highly recommend that you mention this petition, the TF2XC website, or both in your Xbox LIVE bio, random forum signatures, or anywhere else you can fit a shameless plug. It won't generate revenue (for you at least), but you'll be filled with a great sense of pride knowing that you're a part of something greater than yourself - us.

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